A Hero For Holly

A Hero For Holly
Series: The Coach's Boys Series, Book 2
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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About the Book

With so many depending on her, she has no time for a personal life…

When her husband left her pregnant, with a four-year-old child and a restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy, the only things Holly McGinty had time for were her kids – and working hard to stay out of the poor house. Five years later, business is booming and her boys are happy, but she’s still putting her own needs at the bottom of her priority list. That doesn’t stop her from daydreaming about her oldest son’s sexy scout leader though.

He never believed in love at first sight – until he met her…

Sam Jensen gets along great with kids, is a successful architect, and has the best friends a guy could ask for. But figuring out relationships with women has never come easy to him. He feels like a tongue-tied teenager around most of them. Except for Holly, and it’s looking like things might work out with her. As long as one tiny little secret remains a secret.



Holly knew she was standing there with her mouth hanging open, probably looking stupid, but she hadn’t been expecting anything except a girl’s night out. She glanced from Jenna to her mother, and then to Sam and the boys. The boys were grinning from ear-to-ear, but she’d bet they hadn’t found out about the party until Sam picked them up a short while ago. Billy tried, but the child couldn’t keep a secret if you paid him. Sam was smiling, too.

Except it wasn’t quite as bright or quite as enthusiastic as the smiles on all the other faces. Her own spirits sank a little as she was surrounded by his friends. Sam hung back until everyone had hugged her, then gave her a quick one of his own.

“Happy birthday, Holly,” he said quietly, kissing her cheek.

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