Sometimes, My Son Surprises Me

wedding dance 1179726_1920pixabayIt’s been a long week. My internet went out on Monday – and I didn’t find out until Wednesday afternoon (a day earlier than I’d been promised!) that a county employee mowed over some wires, cutting everyone in the immediate area offline. Then I discovered one of the cloud services I use to store everything had been hacked, so I was up half the night changing passwords (and I’m still nowhere near finished with that chore).

Anyway… I’ve been trying to play some catch up in between making new mile long passwords. One of the items on my to-do list was to post something here … and C.J. gave me the perfect idea during a chat this morning.

Surprisingly, he is a romantic at heart. One of his favorite things is to read some sci-fi fan fiction where the guy gets the girl. And if something throws a wrench into their courtship, he will complain forever about it.

That being the case, it shouldn’t have surprised me to find he loves the video I’ll be sharing below. I know I’ve used it before because it’s a good one, but with several hundred blog posts under my belt, I didn’t want to go searching. Be warned – you will need a tissue or two. Having watched this numerous times, I’m still a weepy mess by the time it’s over.

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