I know I’ve mentioned that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism this past spring, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I tend to have some less than normal symptoms.  It’s not surprising given the fact that my body doesn’t always respond to ‘normal’ things in the way it should respond.

For example, the fact that I wound up needing seven shots at the dentist’s office before she could pull my tooth, the final one being the most painful of all.  Or the fact that I was ‘pulling my feet out of the strap’ during my last C-section because the epidural didn’t work as well as the anesthesiologist thought it had.

Well, turns out I have to be just a bit different with the hypothyroidism, too.  While most people afflicted with this peachy little problem find that they’re almost always cold, I am not.  In the winter I sometimes have trouble with the cold, but mostly I just plain and simply too warm.  Of course that’s not a ‘normal’ symptom, though a minority of people are also affected this way.  I’m not alone!

Apparently the medication I’m taking for it affects me in mysterious ways as well.

I was started out on the smallest dose of Synthroid there is.  I’m actually okay with that since I’ve never been much into taking medications of any sort.  And the small dose was working.  It brought my TSH levels down slightly.  Not enough, though, so the doctor doubled it about three weeks ago.

On one hand, I’m kind of feeling better.  On another, I think I’m sleeping more hours sometimes.  And on yet another, most days I’m more tired than I’ve ever been.  Yes, I know that’s three hands…  Really, I only have two.

You’re not supposed to be more tired with treatment, but there it is.  Along with another handful of people (probably the same ones that are too warm instead of too cold), I find myself feeling like I’m in the Arizona room at the gym.


My reason for explaining all of this?  Because I’ve been slacking off my blogging.  It’s tough to be creative when you start yawning the second you crawl out of bed.  I will be making a better effort to combat the fatigue with B-12, coconut oil and mega doses of vitamin C.

Hopefully my body will adjust to the higher dose of Synthroid and, before you know it, I’ll be back to blogging regularly.  🙂

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