Today is the day

Yup.  I’ll be leaving in a bit to travel around my area of the great state of Michigan in search of pretty scenery for my book trailer.  I will.  Really.  I mean it.  Sometime very soon.  Before noon.  Maybe.

For whatever reason, I was a lot more motivated and energetic yesterday on four hours sleep than I am today on almost seven.  Although, to be perfectly honest, I think the procrastination has more to do with fear.

Why am I even considering making a book trailer?!

A fellow writer wrote a blog this morning that really resonated with me.  The subject was about the voices in our heads and the things they tell us.  Negative, self-defeating thoughts that can prevent you from taking any kind of action.

Her solution to those voices?  Tell them to shut up.

Hmm.  That could work.  Actually I know that it does, because I’ve told the voices in my head to shut up on a very regular basis, and not just in reference to my writing.  Do they always shut them up?  Oftentimes, yes.

There have been times, though, that I let them defeat me.  And other times when I’ve just had to do my best to ignore them and do whatever it was they were trying to discourage me from.

This may be a case where I just have to apply the ignore principle.  Because they’re not shutting up.  No, they’re reminding me that I can barely even open Windows Movie Maker, let alone put compelling captions on the pictures I intend to take today.  Pictures that will then have to be uploaded into the movie maker, along with the appropriate music.

But even though those voices are loud, and persistent, there’s another in there, too.  It’s very faint.  In fact, it’s barely discernible.  Still, it whispers softly that I have to take a chance.  Perhaps my efforts will result in a dismal failure.  Or maybe, just maybe, I might surprise myself.

I think I’m going to agree with that voice.  Yes, I might fail.  But then again, maybe I won’t.  So I think I’m going to grab my camera, get in the car and ‘just do it.’ (thank you, Nike, for such a catchy phrase, and one that’s stuck in my head for the past twenty years or so).

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