Oops…Today is Wednesday, Isn’t It?

Trying to adjust to a new schedule, however temporary, is not something I’m good at.  Most days, unless I look at my computer calendar, I couldn’t tell you if it was Monday or Friday.  And I often have to ask my daughter if there’s anything I watch on any given night.  This is mostly due to the fact that a television season can mean many things these days…and include frequent breaks.

But I got a little off the subject here.  My schedule, for the next week or two, is going to be crazier than usual.  Normally I’m in bed by four a.m., but because someone I know is having car trouble…and the mechanic who works on it is really backed up…I’ll be taking them to work and picking them up.  Which means my new bedtime is six a.m.

That wouldn’t be a problem, except I happen to be a creature of habit.  I’m used to getting up somewhere between ten and noon.  At the rate it’s going I imagine that about the time I adjust to this schedule, the car will be fixed and my taxi service will no longer be needed.

So I’m not feeling very creative tonight and am just going to share another favorite video.

On the ROW80 front…I’ve gotten one more chapter done.  That’s it. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have the rest finished and ready for beta readers.  Oh, and I did remember to post the link.

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