The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Okay, so the sky isn’t really falling.  But if it were, it would be a newsworthy event, right?

Are there other things that might fall into that category?

Yup.  Aliens landing in the middle of the street and stealing all of our manhole covers for their intergalactic Frisbee game might make the list.   Robin Williams finally making an appointment for electrolysis could, too.

On a more serious note, things like weather warnings, train derailments resulting in evacuations, and anything that could be defined as an emergency
are all excellent reasons to interrupt a television program.

I love Parenthood.  It’s one of three favorite shows.  And yes, I can have three favorites.  I’m a woman.  And if you want to argue about it, I also have PMS – and no chocolate to take the edge off – so I will win.

Interrupting the season finale for ten minutes to tell me that the vote is too close to call, and then interrupting it a second time to let me know that you’ll have full coverage of the voting results at eleven is just wrong!

To change the subject, we have a weather advisory.  Yup, supposed to get an ice storm overnight.  And then it’s supposed to be fifty-two degrees tomorrow.

That means March is coming in like a lion and a lamb.  What’s it going to go out as?  A rhinoceros?

According to the ten-day forecast, there will be a few more days where we’ll see the low fifties.  That means the chances for a decent snowfall this winter are dwindling rapidly.

I want snow, darn it!

I would give a lot to watch a snowfall like this for a few hours.  Maybe not overlooking a parking lot and gas station but I love a heavy snow.

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