Wardrobe Malfunctions

Maybe clothing issues aren’t big deal for most people, but I’ve always found that finding clothes that fit right is a major pain in the neck.  (I’ll apologize to any guys who might stumble onto this blog today)

Just for a point of reference (because I’m well acquainted with this statistic), Wikipedia states that 5′ 3″ or less is petite, and 5′ 5″ and over is regular.  I am literally caught between the two standards at 5′ 4.”

Now you wouldn’t think that an inch either way would make much difference, but when it comes to jeans and slacks, it makes a big difference.  As far as length goes, petite jeans make me look like I’m going wading…and the hems on regular jeans are generally dragging the floor under the heels of my shoes.  I suppose I could fix that, except I hate hemming jeans.  Well…I hate hemming anything.

Waistbands can be another pain.  Taller people tend to have higher waistlines.  Pants and bras should not look like a jumpsuit.   Okay, so I exaggerated a little.  But I just measured and there are 3 1/2 inches between the top of my waistband and the bottom of my bra.  If the waistband hit me where it should, there would be 5 1/2 to 6 inches in between them.

Next on the list of clothing complaints is the placement of buttons on the front of blouses.  Maybe that also has something to do with being in the Twilight Zone when it comes to sizes, but unless I buy them too big, there is always a gap where there shouldn’t be a gap.

Not all wardrobe malfunctions are mine, thank goodness.  I took my daughter to see the doctor a couple of weeks ago and, while sitting in the waiting room, a woman approached me with a problem.  She was wearing a top made like a hospital gown.  Apparently she forgot to fasten the inside ties and wondered if I could help her.

My first thought was, “Ewwwww!  Are you kidding me?!”  It’s not that I have anything against helping people, but reaching my hands up under the back of a strange woman’s top….um.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I can only assume that my thoughts were clearly reflected on my face because she grinned and said never mind.  Then she asked her husband for help.

Have you experienced any wardrobe malfunctions that you’d like to share?  I mean beyond the whole skirt in the back of your pantyhose thing…cause we’ve all done that at some point.  🙂

This is precisely why I wear flats.  Trust me, if I tried wearing heels, I would have shoe malfunctions like this regularly.

Now, since yesterday was Father’s Day, I’ll do a quick goal update today.  I learned a very valuable lesson last week.  If you are editing a ‘Read Only’ file, your changes won’t save.  In my defense, I didn’t even know I had a read only file of the book on this computer…but I sure was editing it for two weeks.  However, I did get half of it RE-edited.  And I also went on another picture-taking expedition.  Granted it wasn’t on the goal list, but accumulating photos for my blog is just a long-standing, never ending goal.

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