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A Secluded Spot, A Blanket, And…

Stretching the budget to include date nights can be a challenge in this economy.  Just something as simple as going to see a movie, when you include sodas and popcorn, can set you back $30.00 or more.  A nice supper … Continue reading

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Okay…I Can’t Stand It Anymore!

For months all I wanted was more time. So I figured that focusing my blog, and dropping my posts down to once a week would work. It’s not working! Yes, it’s giving me more time…but I’m not enjoying that time … Continue reading

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This Is Worth Repeating

This was originally posted on July 23, 2012, and decided to put it up again. I’ve been seeing so many crazy things on the road lately that it just really scares me the way people drive. I really hope you’ll … Continue reading

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It’s Not All About You…So Just Shut Up and Listen

How many times has your Romeo or Juliet tried to talk to you about something, but later you can’t quite remember what they said? Might have been important, might not have been…you don’t have a clue. Yet instead of saying, … Continue reading

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Sex and Romance…NOT the Same Thing

Okay, so welcome back. This week I  decided that we needed to tackle an important issue…because I know this subject causes a great deal of confusion. And let me tell you, not getting it right can cause major problems in … Continue reading

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How’s Your Love Life?

Does Romeo or Juliet swoon when you walk into a room, or do they even spare you a glance when you get home?  Is their voice all soft and mushy when they hear the sound of yours on the other … Continue reading

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What in the World?! (week 5)

So…  The moment of truth has arrived in the final installment of What in the World?! Wednesday.  Just be warned – I tend to have a lot of fun owning the objects of this week’s photo.  So, just in case … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

I know I said I was cutting my posts back to twice a week, and possibly once…but it looks like the once-a-week thing is about to become a reality.  With a fast draft workshop starting on July 7th, I’m hoping … Continue reading

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The Summer Book Bash Starts Now!

Lightning Book Promotions Summer Bash “Kindle Fire” Giveaway HOT DAYS = HOT DEALS All the authors participating in this great summer giveaway have novels for only .99! If you want a great read now is the time to get your … Continue reading

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