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Is It Really Better When You Have A Chance To Say Goodbye?

I’m taking a break from my usual Friday subject today. This is always a difficult week for me, and since it’s my blog, I’m going to take the opportunity to pay tribute to someone I miss terribly. Yeah, I know, … Continue reading

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I’m Really Stepping In It Now…

Yes, it’s another one of those times where I’m posting a little more than usual. I have a good reason though. A few days ago, I read an article by Duskgate Chronicles author, Breeana Puttroff, that I agreed with 100%. … Continue reading

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Some Things Are Not What They Appear To Be

Once again I’ve been reminded to think first…and act later. Which I mostly did earlier today. But even while my logical self was telling me to calm down, that the odds were better than good that it was a mistake, … Continue reading

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What Teenage Girls Know That We’ve Forgotten

Who remembers their first crush in seventh or eighth grade? What about that first boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe you were too young to drive, so your parents had to chauffeur you to the movies or roller skating rink. Obviously there … Continue reading

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World’s Best Tongue Twister

So… I have gotten far too little sleep for the past several days, and have crossed the line. I am no longer sane and normal. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly sane and normal before…what can I say. Anyway… Are you … Continue reading

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Hair-Knitting Fairies, Lip-Eating Bugs…and Dull Paring Knives

What do all of these have in common. Not a thing. Just more of the weird, sometimes annoying stuff that plagues my life. Let’s tackle the dull paring knives first. I have three. I also have a favorite, and use … Continue reading

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What’s Your Word Worth?

We’ve all been there. Someone promised us-they promised us- that they would be around to lend a hand with something. Be it a fundraiser, pulling an engine, helping to paint the house, or organize the attic. Maybe we asked, maybe … Continue reading

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Week 7 of The Next Big Thing

Well, obviously I’ve not figured out how to use the scheduling feature so that it actually works. So here this is, a day late… (August 15, 2012 @ 1:15 was yesterday, correct?) I’d like to say thank you to Karen … Continue reading

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I Blame This On Jenny Hansen

Yup, this post is all her fault. If she hadn’t reminded us that we all missed National Underwear Day on August fifth, I wouldn’t have gotten curious about other weird unique holidays. That’s how I found Hoodie-Hoo Day (February 20th). … Continue reading

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The Cowardly Lion Partner

While it can be amusing to see women jump on a chair if they see a mouse (I am one of those women), cowards aren’t just people who are afraid of the dirty little rodents, snakes, or spiders. Sometimes people … Continue reading

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