Hair-Knitting Fairies, Lip-Eating Bugs…and Dull Paring Knives

What do all of these have in common. Not a thing. Just more of the weird, sometimes annoying stuff that plagues my life.

Let’s tackle the dull paring knives first. I have three. I also have a favorite, and use it all the time. Since I peel potatoes quickly and efficiently, it’s usually my job. But when we have a pot luck supper, and a ten-pound bag of spuds is sitting there waiting to be disrobed, my daughter gets volunteered into helping.

Saturday she is half a potato into the job, and starts saying she would rather use a steak knife. Sigh. I trade knives…and it’s like what the heck! Has someone been trying to cut wood for the October bonfire with this? So I send her for the other one…which is just as bad. Naturally, being a world-class procrastinator, I’ve put off getting the food ready until the last minute, and so being the one who will get it done the fastest, I wind up peeling every potato in the bag – with the knife that actually works. I’m surprised I can even type today. (of course if I’d ever use one of the other knives, I’d have known in time to replace them)

Hair-knitting fairies? Bet you’ve never heard of those, have you? That’s because they reside under my pillow. And they wait patiently for the nights I forget to braid my hair. I woke up one morning last week with several strands knotted into a bow. Just a tiny one, but it was actually pretty cool. After I yanked it out, I showed it to my daughter, then put it on my desk. She looked at me like I was nuts and asked, “You’re keeping that?”

Well sure. Maybe not forever, but this is the first time the fairies have put me through hair brushing hell, and I actually got something other than a headache out of it.

Lip-eating bugs? Apparently those live in my son’s room.

First I should mention that he’s seriously into anything zombie, so I blame that for the fact that I was short about two hours sleep for the potato peeling marathon and pot luck on Saturday.

After getting nowhere near enough sleep (a whopping three hours to be exact), CJ came running into my room…in full panic mode.

“Mom! Mom! There was a bug in my mouth, and I think it was eating my lip!” (three hours is really not enough sleep for sh stuff like this)

He then pulls his lip back over his nose. Okay, maybe not quite that far.  My eyes just seriously don’t want to focus on anything when they haven’t been closed long enough, so it may have been an optical illusion.

Anyway, after lying awake for too long giggling about it, I did doze off for a couple more hours.

Rest assured that no bug snacked on CJ’s lip during the night, although he is still 100% convinced that one tried. I, on the other hand, am 99% sure that a moth (as in moths eat fabric, therefore moths must eat lips) landed on his lip and woke him up. I’d also bet that he was dreaming about zombies.

So… That’s how my weekend went. How was yours? 🙂

And finally…


A few weeks ago, WordPress started treating me like a visitor to my own blog. I have to choose an identity to respond to comments, then I get notifications that I posted those responses (like it’s afraid I’ll forget…), and it’s just really annoying. I didn’t change anything in the settings…but I’d like to know WHAT I can change back to make it stop. No, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not going to affect world peace, or the finding of cures for diseases…but it may keep my bottle of water from sailing through the monitor. So if anyone has any suggestions, thanks! I’ve looked and can’t find anything.  🙂

Since Tameri asked, here’s a picture of the bow the fairies left in my hair. It’s not as big as it looks (I used the zoom feature), but it was still big enough that my brush couldn’t do a thing with it.
Technically it has three loops. If there had been a fourth, I might have considered using it as a gift-wrapping accessory.  🙂

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