Tada! (and a cover reveal)

Every now and again, I add up the total of my typewritten words. Usually because I’m procrastinating, but sometimes just because I’m curious. Tonight, it was 75% the former reason – but I was still a little curious because it had been a while.

The results of that detour (since I was actually supposed to be writing)?

1 mil wordsPhoto credit: Morguefile.com (cute guy, balloons)

Technically, if you count the many spiral notebooks with handwritten “books” stuck in a box somewhere in my house, that total is probably closer to 1.5 million words – but I’ll never be bored enough to count those. I might type them out one day though, and I’ll for sure go through them and find out if any of the stories I wrote in my teens and early 20s can be rewritten in the future.

Right now though, that isn’t important. But since I’m in a mood to celebrate, I thought I’d share the cover for the book I hope to release before the end of the month. So… Here it is. What do you think.

The Accidental Wish - final cover

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