Privilege or Punishment?

i-voted-11-8-16My daughter wanted me to take her home. In her opinion, the parking lot at the township hall looked packed. There were maybe twenty cars so I laughed and laughed and said nope! It won’t take long. And it didn’t. Maybe ten minutes. Tops. In and out without it affecting my day in any significant way. For my trouble, I was awarded the nifty little sticker you see to the right.

But I couldn’t bring myself to peel it off the backing and slap it on my sweater.

Why? Because I’m not proud of the fact that I stood in that booth and colored in the tiny circles (with ball point pens rather than the markers we should have had). I wish I was, but I’m not. Because, once again, it felt like choosing the lesser of two evils. Or, more precisely, one of two spoiled, mean-spirited rich kids trying to see who can win a pissing contest. Pardon my language but I can’t think of a way that describes this sorry excuse for a presidential campaign more accurately than that.

Basically, most of what I heard from the front-runners was something along the lines of:

“Vote for me because the other guy/gal is scum of the earth, a racist, a criminal, a monster who will usher in the end of civilization as we know it.”

And it makes me sad. Rather than focus on what they stand for, what we can expect from them should they win an election, we have politicians whose only goal seems to be making their opponents look worse than they do.

While the time it took to cast my vote might not have been significant, the results of everyone’s votes today will be … for the next four years. And I suspect no matter which way it goes, we’re in for a pretty rough ride.

God bless America. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

Because of the election, I’ll post the next profile tomorrow.

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