My Favorite Prince

Before this past November, I’d have said Prince Harry was my favorite prince of all time. But then this movie made its debut on Netflix and Prince Edward edged him out. 

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Yup. You’re in second place now, Harry. Not by much but I just love, love, love Sam Palladio, and I love his character. Sweet, romantic, and… I don’t know. I just think he’s a perfect prince.

And I’m looking for all the inspiration I can get as I start the next phase of the Royal Sweethearts series. We’ll be moving (mostly) away from Casteloria to St. Chardemont and meeting a whole new set of royals. I’m loving the concept so far and am making good progress with Quinn MacMahon’s book, the story that will transition from one kingdom to the next.

So reading books and watching movies about princes and princesses help to keep my mind focused where it needs to be right now. And The Princess Switch helps most of all right now.

If any of  you have Netflix, I strongly urge you watch it and let me know what you think. I suspect die hard romantics – like me – will love it! 

Now, please excuse me while I go watch The Princess Diaries

By the way, I just realized I posted about this movie in November but decided I don’t care. It’s definitely worth the reminder. I’d hate for anyone to miss out on roughly ninety minutes of a great romance.

I also know the holidays are long past. But anyone who has followed me for a while probably knows by now that I listen to Christmas music, read Christmas stories, and watch Christmas movies all year long. 🙂

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