Wake me up when it’s over please!

I’m sitting here thinking I might have to grab a couple of toothpicks from the kitchen to keep my eyelids open. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I’ve never had any desire for a facial piercing of any kind. Especially not around my eyes.

Why am I so tired today? It probably has something to do with only getting three and a half hours sleep last night. My schedule is kind of screwy under the best of circumstances, but today it’s a little screwier than that. As a rule, I seldom sleep more than five or six hours, so I stay up fairly late, as I don’t want my day to begin before four in the morning. Nothing against anyone who does keep those kind of hours, but I prefer getting up around nine or ten. Life is just more productive for me that way. Late evenings, or very early mornings, are when I tend to write the best, too.

Problems arise when I have to get up earlier. Like this morning.

My daughter has been having trouble with a root canal, and Tuesday night she wound up in quite a bit of pain. So yesterday I called the dentist, who said they don’t pull a tooth that’s had a root canal (of course!). They referred us to an oral surgeon, who could get her in first thing this morning.

And early mornings, as I mentioned, just happens to pose a problem for me. Just because I have to be up earlier, doesn’t mean I’m able to fall asleep earlier.

Today, it turns out, was a wasted effort. Apparently my daughter also has a cavity under one of her fillings, and oral surgeons only pull the tooth that’s obviously causing the trouble. Since there are two possibilities here, this guy wisely decided to leave them both alone. So it’s back to the dentist on Monday, who will determine exactly which tooth needs to be dealt with.

Personally, I’m hoping she just needs a new filling in the other tooth. It’s a lot cheaper than going back to the surgeon will be! And that would likely mean another day like this one.

In the meantime, I have to deal with the rest of today. First there’s the whole pool thing. I’m not giving up my workout for something as insignificant as not enough sleep. People do sleepwalk, after all. I’m sure I can handle sleep-swimming. Next on the schedule is a follow up appointment for this same daughter. The one who stepped on a carpenter’s staple last week and wound up with an infected foot.

But that’s all I intend to do. At least until I get home and have a nap. I sure wish it was 5:00.

Can we say, ‘Yawwwwwnnnnnnn?’

Yeah, I know. Boring blog today. But this is the best my sleep-deprived brain can come up with.

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