I need an MRI!  I need a CT Scan!  I need my head examined!  Something is seriously wrong up there!

So I got up this morning and I was really dragging.  Thought I would be out the door by eleven, and in the pool by eleven-fifteen.  Except I didn’t want to go.  Well, I did…but then again I didn’t.  Mostly I just wanted to crawl back in bed and get a little more sleep.  It’s hard to be enthusiastic about a workout when you were still waiting to doze off at four-thirty (which is the last time I looked at the alarm clock before turning my back to it so I could pout).

Consequently, I was (and am) a bit tired.  But like it or not, Monday is a holiday and those blasted pool employees seem to feel like they should be able to take it off.  If I didn’t go today, then that would be three days off, instead of two…which I didn’t really like anyway.  Bad enough that I can’t go on Sunday’s, but I guess those people have a thing about that, too.  You know, it’s not like they wouldn’t get overtime.

I finally got there and in the water about eleven-fifty…and I’m not sure what happened then.  Maybe it was to punish myself for not really wanting to go in the first place.  Hard to say.  Even I don’t know how my mind works half the time.

Anyway, I did one hundred of one exercise instead of the fifty I’ve been doing.  And quadrupled the time on another.  Why?  Because right in the middle of a set…I decided I was just going to skip one of the harder ones.  Just for today.  Then got mad at myself for even considering it.

So yeah, I think I punished myself.  I did the hard exercise anyway, and added the extras.

Other people might have rewarded themselves for sticking with their routine.  But not me.  Nope.  That would just be too easy….

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