I Could Sure Use Some Help Here

Okay, I admit it.  I’m not a really big fan of crime dramas.  They literally can give me nightmares.   Maybe because they’re often based on reality.  Real cases that made the news.  And that kind of stuff really bothers me.    Unfortunately it also leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

Why?  When you don’t watch shows like that, it tends to leave you a bit ignorant regarding the intricacies of crime.  Given the fact that I’m writing a five-book series, and have a mystery woven throughout, it poses a bit of a problem.   Because I’m running out of ideas to carry the storyline through to the end.

So I need to ask a favor.  I’ll even get on my cyber knees and say, ‘Pretty please with sugar on top,’ if you insist.  But for anyone who does watch crime dramas…

What are some things that homicidal stalkers do?  During the period when they just want to play cat and mouse?  When they only want to scare the heck out of them, before doing them in?

Do they keep coming up with fresh ways to frighten their prey?  Do they do repeats of some of their best work?

I’d try Googling this but I’m not sure whether I’d wind up on some kind of FBI watch list or not.  I was just kidding about that.  Mostly.

So anyway…

If you could help me out here, I’d really appreciate it.  Because I’d really like to make the books as realistic as possible…without scaring myself silly in the process.  Thanks!

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