The Air Smells Clean After A Rain Shower?


I love walking in the rain on a warm day.  I love the sound a hard rain makes when it hits the roof and windows.  I even love the sound of thunder rumble in the distance (I do not, however, love lightening).

October and November are my favorite months for showers…when the days turn chilly and the air has a crisp, clean quality that it never has any other time of the year.  That’s the best time of year to experience a day stuck inside because it’s too wet to venture anywhere else.  The dampness outside works its way into the house, meaning it’s time to break out sweaters, fuzzy socks, candles, good books, and mugs of hot cocoa or hazelnut coffee.

But rain in the spring and summer…

Sorry, I’m from Michigan.  I know that farmers need it to grow crops.  I know it’s needed to prevent droughts, and to keep the levels of lakes and rivers where they should be.  Sometimes, on exceptionally hot and muggy days, a timely storm can bring an all too brief respite from the miserable heat and humidity (the downside being that it leaves the air even more humid in its wake).  Other than that blissful ten or fifteen minutes, though, I don’t enjoy warm weather rain.

Why?  Because it makes the air smell like worms.  Not that I’ve ever been close enough to a worm to touch one, much less sniff one, but that’s what I’ve always imagined they would smell like.

So I Googled it to make sure I wasn’t completely nuts…and I’m not the only one who thinks that.  In fact, according to, the air does smell like worms.  Earthworms, to be specific.

It makes me wonder about all of the laundry supplies with names that proclaim to be rain-water fresh.  And all I can think of is why in the world would anyone want their clothes to smell like THAT?!

I was going to put up a video about a bird getting a worm, but this one is a lot more fun.  Doritos are much better than worms!

Oh please, can I please, please, please walk around in jeans and a tee shirt that smells like earthworms?  I don’t think so.  I’m not sure where the manufacturers came up with these advertising ideas, but obviously none of them strolled down any sidewalks in this state after a storm.

Has anyone else ever thought the air smelled like worms after it rains?

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8 Responses to The Air Smells Clean After A Rain Shower?

  1. Emma says:

    I love listening to rain but no, I’ve never associated the smell with worms 🙂
    I have a relaxation CD full of rain and thunder sounds, very peaceful and soothing.

    • I love the sound of it, too. That and waves washing up on a beach. Those are both my favorite relaxation choices to listen to when I need to unwind.

      And of course it doesn’t smell like worms where you’re at. Ireland is my dream country. It’s perfect. I’ve even heard that you don’t have snakes there. If so…yeah, heaven on earth for me. 🙂

  2. Coleen Patrick says:

    Yes! It’s funny, when I read your title (before the post) I thought, no it smells like worms! 🙂

  3. asraidevin says:

    2 entire days of rain and today was just a bit cloudy, but managed to get out for a walk. which was nice. to me it smells like dirt and plants, but dirt and worms are inseperable so maybe it does smell like worms.

  4. we are in the midst of a cold wet spring and I’m sick of the rain…i’m with you, Kristy. ready for nice weather.

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