There’s Music…and Then There’s Music

I was listening to one of my playlists tonight and heard a song I fell in love with when I was a kid.  I don’t even remember adding it, but I must have heard it on the radio at some point during the last three years, found it was available…and promptly forgotten  all about it (easy to do when you have eighteen playlists).

It kind of surprises me that I like it at all since my parents were into 100% country…and the twangier the better.  The only time I got to listen to ‘real’ music was when I was visiting cousins or friends.  At least until I got my own alarm clock radio for Christmas when I was a teenager.

It’s not that I hate country music because I don’t (depending on the twang factor anyway).  These days it’s hard to tell the difference between some of that and the good stuff…like REO Speedwagon and the BSB’s.

But not everything my parents listened to made me shudder.  And the song that sparked this post struck a powerful chord with me back then.  It still does today.

This isn’t a song I hear very often, but when I do I just close my eyes and listen to the words…because he tells an amazing story.  Kind of like a micro-mini audio book.

I realized as I listened tonight that I’ve always been drawn to music that tells what I consider real stories.  I shared one of those favorites with you in May – Kenny Rogers, ‘Twenty Years Ago.’

Another song that will grab and hold my attention…and never fail to leave me with tears streaming down my face…is Brad Paisley’s, ‘He Didn’t Have to Be.’

The second I heard this song, I was completely floored.  I knew I had to write a story about a dad like that.  And so Sam Jenson, one of the stars of A Hero For Holly, was born.  He’s based partly on the father in this video, and partly on my dad.  That makes him one of my most special characters.

But, before this turns into a tribute to fathers (mine in particular), I’ll get back to the point I intended to make when I began writing this post.

Music can be just background noise, depending on what sort you choose.  Some can make you smile…like this one (it made me smile the first time I heard it)…


But some music…some music…can touch you so deeply that it will stay with you forever.

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13 Responses to There’s Music…and Then There’s Music

  1. I love country music, but no twang please. yuck. Brad Paisley’s music is interesting. On the one hand he’s a total guy’s guy (the fishing song and Water proves that). on the other hand, he’s a total romantic (I couldn’t love you more). He has an interesting view of the world and is great fun in concert. good choices. i have music on almost all the time. puts me in the mood to write.

  2. Lovely post on a lovely topic, Kristy! I love music so much that I can’t listen to it while writing (totally pulls me away ;)). But afterwards and in between, there’s no better creative juice, medicine or means of nostalgia.

    • Thanks, August. 🙂

      The only way I can listen to music while I’m writing is if I turn it down so low I can barely hear it. I usually use it to set the mood while I’m working a scene out in my head and, when I’m actually writing, I listen to nature sounds….waterfalls, waves washing up on shore, rain falling. Again, though, it has to be turned down low.

  3. Debra Kristi says:

    Music is HUGE for me. It can transport me to a place, scene, time, what-have-you. Like smell, it’s locked in the recesses of our memory just waiting for a trigger or something to kick it into gear.

    That 3rd song was just funny to me for some reason. 😀

    • You are so right! There are songs I hear once in awhile that my dad loved that bring him to mind so fast. I didn’t know until after he died that he was an Elton John fan, too. His favorite song was I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues. I always liked it but it makes me cry now. So when I listen to Mr. Dwight, I tend to go more with my favorites (think Philadelphia Freedom, lol).

      But there are others that bring back memories from growing up…family functions, my grandparents…and roller skating every Friday night. Sometimes when I’m missing those days, I’ll Google for music during specific years, find them, play them and remember.

      That third song has cracked me up since the first time I ever heard it. 🙂

  4. hmcmullin says:

    I also love songs that tell a story – had just recently heard the Brad Paisley song and it is so touching. Another recent one I heard that brings a lump is September When It Comes, A duet with Roseann Cash and her father Johnny Cash recorded just before he died.

    • I’ve never heard that song before but just watch a video of it on YouTube. That’s quite a song. Kind of haunting and sad. The video was sad, too, to see Johnny Cash looking so frail at the end. And he wasn’t that old either. But he was another singer who recorded good stories set to music. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Some music just moves us to great emotion…those are truly the most amazing songs!

  6. Emma says:

    Hadn’t heard any of these before so thanks Kristy.

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