Why Can’t Life Be Like a Love Song?

I play a Facebook game called SongPop with my daughter, step-mother, and a friend. You have to guess songs and artists faster than your opponents in order to win. I’ve been appalled to discover that I don’t know as much as I thought I did about music. Even in the categories I’d have sworn I knew well.

This is all leading up to a song I thought was fairly new. However, it appears to have been released in 1988. I’m not sure how I missed – for twenty-four years, but it really struck a chord in me a few days ago…and the darned thing just won’t get out of my head now. If you pay any attention to my blog, you might remember that I used it on Wednesday, too.  🙂

Seriously? 1988???!!!

Am I way off base here, or are the feelings expressed in this song the same feelings that most every adult in the world wants to feel? The newness of love? The uncertainty? The hope? The knowledge that this is the one?

Don’t we all want the fairytale? Forever? Or is it just me? I’m curious, and wondering what everyone else thinks about this. Or if you ever think about this at all. Have you ever felt like you had the happily-ever-after? If so, do you still?

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12 Responses to Why Can’t Life Be Like a Love Song?

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  2. JakiCheli says:

    I love to be able to reply yes! at least most of our 59 years of being married. but you already know what a great guy Bill is so ………

    • You are definitely one of the lucky ones, Jaki. Not too many people can say that. 🙂

      • JakiCheli says:

        I agree that I am definite one of the most blessed ones! I appreciate Bill even more since the 10th of October! the challenges we have met since that episode have been major but the Lord has been so good and Bill is a wonderful care giver as has Michele.!

        • I can’t believe it’s been that long! The last I knew, you were going to call me. You’re going to have to do that so we can catch up and you can tell me what’s been going on.

          • JakiCheli says:

            Hopefully I can do that late this afternoon. I want to write a blog today to catch everyone up on the last 4 weeks and remind them to pray for the melanoma surgery that is rescheduled for next Tuesday the 13th. In any case I will try to call for a chat later today. until then love and prayers to all of you from both of us. we are alone until Monday when Michele will be back for the first few days after the surgery.

  3. Emma says:

    This is one of my favourite songs, beautiful.

  4. I remember that song… And I don’t want any fairy tales — just a wealthy good-looking hard-bodied man with a great sense of humor who adores me unconditionally. Oh, and he needs to be straight and tolerant of dysfunctional families….

    I’d put that on match.com, but then I’d have to sign up, give them my debit card number, and then I would forget to cancel my subscription and 10 months later I would discover I’d been paying 34.95 a month and then I’d be seriously annoyed….

    If love could be simple…

    • Too funny, Jenny! Yup, no fairytale for you. LOL! I want a fairytale. I don’t care about the wealth, but the rest of it…yeah. Works for me.

      I’ve never signed up for a free trial that requires my debit card number. In fact, after my experience at Pogo.com, I’m leery of signing up for anything where I have to give it. I opted out of auto renewal several times, and had to spend forever emailing back and forth with the company. The thing is, I was going to renew. I love Scrabble…but I never auto pay anything. I keep a separate account for online stuff, and I want to make sure the money is in the bank first…and if I make a deposit a day late…oops. Bad check charges.

      So good planning on your part about Match.com. 🙂

  5. asraidevin says:

    That was one of my songs with an ex-bf. And argh, you wrote the post that’s been rattling inside my head. sort of. I’m working out the details still. Basically I was daydreaming about that feeling of living in a love song or a romantic movie, you know where the daily stuff doesn’t drag you down. And I thought “why the heck shouldn’t I feel that way about my life right now?” So I’m working on being more prescent and happier.. And also writing this into a full blog post.

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