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Conceding Defeat

I like the saying, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” It seems to be credited to Brian Littrell, but not everyone agrees that it was. Being a Backstreet Boys fan, I’m going with … Continue reading

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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

When you read the sign to your right, and see the word ‘dreams,’ what immediately comes to mind? Probably something to do with a goal, be it personal, related to your career, or something you’ve always wanted. But that’s not … Continue reading

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Screw Political Correctness

It’s kind of hard to not think about December 25th right now. Cities and towns all across the nation have decorated their main streets. Shopkeepers windows are looking their festive best. And Black Friday has already started in some areas-in … Continue reading

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World Toilet Day

Yeah, you know I couldn’t let this one slip by without a mention. And what a perfect week for it, too. I mean those of us living in the United States are preparing for Thanksgiving, and this is just one … Continue reading

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When Is Your Dog Too Old?

Okay, so I know that pets aren’t people, but as I watch old age making life hard on Shadow, it brings up a very unpleasant subject. I mean she has a little trouble walking, and it’s harder for her to … Continue reading

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Music video showcases the violent ripple effect of impaired driving

I have loved this video from the first time I saw it. Such a heart-wrenching visual about what can happen when someone drinks and drives. Tragedies like this don’t just affect the victims in the other car, it affects everyone … Continue reading

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My Heroes

I swear I hate going to parades sometimes. Okay, I hate going to them every time. Mostly because I stand there making a fool out of myself. Without fail, marching bands make me tear up. I don’t know why. Then … Continue reading

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The Death of Courtesy

I believe that 2012 will go down in history as one of the ugliest years ever. At least as far as politics goes. (Oh no! She’s gonna talk about that now that it’s all over!) No, I’m not. Well, not technically. At … Continue reading

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Secret Ballots? I Don’t Think So.

Okay, so I know I said I was going to cut back on my posting through December, and likely through the holiday season, but I’m just really offended right now. For several years now, I’ve noticed something when I vote … Continue reading

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I Wonder When the Withdrawals Will Start?

So… Today marks the beginning of a change in my blog schedule. At least for the month of NaNo (as in National Novel Writing Month-November, aka NaNoWriMo). I’m so used to blogging three days a week, and the last attempt … Continue reading

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