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Too Cynical?

On one hand, I’m far too trusting. Unless someone gives me a reason, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Usually. But I’ve seen the subject of helping ‘panhandlers’ out come up a couple of times recently, and both … Continue reading

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Slow, Deep Breaths…Pep Talk!

Okay, so if you saw the blog yesterday, you know I went to the NaNoWriMo Kickoff party and… Yeah. I guess I’m going to give it a shot. I’d say I’m going to do it, but I’ve accepted the fact … Continue reading

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Today Is Full of Nice Surprises

First, after much waffling over it, I finally decided to attend the local NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Kickoff party in Lansing, MI. Many of you know I keep a third shift schedule, so attending an early afternoon event isn’t … Continue reading

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Misadventures In Home Ownership, Part 3 (rerun)

And now for the final installment… I quickly called the second cleaning service back to let them know we finally got the lid off and they could come anytime. Uh-huh. Given it was now late afternoon, we’d have to wait … Continue reading

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Misadventures In Home Ownership, Part 2 (rerun)

Continuing where we left off yesterday…. She was a big help there. Somewhere in the yard was a septic tank. And on the top of the tank was a lid. A lid that we’d have to find, expose and remove. Yeah right. Like that … Continue reading

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Misadventures In Home Ownership, Part 1 (rerun)

When I first started blogging, I had so few readers that I’ve decided to recycle some of the ones I wrote back then. Here’s the first in a three-part series, originally published on June 24, 2011. Hope you enjoy it. … Continue reading

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For Anyone Who Thought I Was Nuts About the Borax…

Yeah, I’m probably beating a dead horse here but, after nearly four months of using it to wash my hair…I continue to be impressed with the results. Every time I glance in the mirror and think, “Gosh, it looks like … Continue reading

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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

With the exceptions of Enza, and my book about my car accident, I basically write romance novels. I can’t help it. I like the whole happily-ever-after thing. Maybe because real life so not like a love story. Real life is … Continue reading

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Laughing and Dancing I Do’s…and Some Elephants

In keeping with my on again/off again posts in celebration of my fairytale (still working on the first draft, sigh), I’m going to share a couple of my favorite wedding videos. One makes me laugh until I have tears in … Continue reading

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Think you are ok to drive after having a couple?

Reenactments are stories about something that really happened. And scenes like this one give me chills. Some things just can’t be taken back, no matter how sorry you are, and no matter how much it hurts. Best to just avoid … Continue reading

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