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Sandhill Cranes…and a Wimp

Yes, the wimp would be me. (and yes, I did NOT proof my title…the missing ‘d’ has been found and replaced in ‘Sandhill’) After reading an ad about a local (well, sort of local) Crane-fest, I’d planned to go on … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Kristy, and I’m a Michael Bolton Fan…

…and I don’t want a single word of flack over it either. I can’t help it. That man has the sexiest voice, and when he sings a love song, it just makes me swoon. It gets worse, too. My playlist … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Life Be Like a Love Song?

I play a Facebook game called SongPop with my daughter, step-mother, and a friend. You have to guess songs and artists faster than your opponents in order to win. I’ve been appalled to discover that I don’t know as much … Continue reading

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Something Different

Since I’m finally seeing good progress in my newest book, what I’m calling my modern day fairytale, I’ve decided to start sharing some of the music I’ve been listening to. Maybe not every day, but a few times a week. … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke!

I can’t believe it! With forty-five minutes left in the day, I just noticed the date. Four years. Four years ago today, ‘Ed’ ran a stop light on the highway and totaled my van. For a while, I thought he’d … Continue reading

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I’m Probably Going To Make Some Enemies But…

…after freezing my way through a bonfire Saturday night, and continuing to freeze all day today, I’m kind of getting into the Christmas spirit. In fact, I’m sitting here listening to Straight No Chaser carols, and wondering if it’s way … Continue reading

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Holy Hasenpfeffer, Batman! I Have ‘H!’

For reasons too numerous to get into, I tend to use the fence between weird and smart aleck as a balance beam. The only thing is, my mouth tends to get me into situations I could easily avoid…if I’d just … Continue reading

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Autumn In Michigan

My daughter and I went on another picture-taking expedition today. Surprisingly enough, the ones I took turned out really good, too. I was just playing around with the camera here, but love the way it turned out. Love, love, love … Continue reading

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