I’m In Love With Ethan…and Troy

Sometimes I just get in a mood to watch movies. To spend a day, or an evening (or both!) lazing the hours away, lost in other worlds where I don’t have to  hold a book or Kindle. Don’t get me wrong, reading is one of my very favorite things to do, but sometimes I just want to sit back, snack on popcorn and chocolate…and be entertained.

Last night I wandered over to Netflix – and found the perfect movies to do that with. I’d never heard of either of them before, but Evening was great. I’m definitely adding it to my ‘to be watched…again’ list. It was a romantic story with a more serious tone, set fifty years in the past, and I loved it.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, on the other hand, was just what the doctor ordered for my lazy kind of day. In fact, I loved it so much it’s on my ‘to own’ list. I knew within ten minutes that it would be a hard decision, but one of the guys melted my heart a little more than the other, but just a little bit. I also wanted to know if Jesse picked him – so much so that I paused the movie to Google it. Yeah, I know, but I’ll sometimes read the last page of a book to see if it ends how I want it to.

Ethan. Troy.

Troy. Ethan.

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo…

Check out the trailer, then let me know in the comments below which one you like best. And if you enjoy these clips, and have a Netflix subscription, you can watch it there. 🙂


Now it’s time for me to decide if I want to watch the same movie twice in less than twenty-four hours. I’m thinking that I do…


Psst! Did you hear about my new secret group on Facebook? It’s so secret you won’t be able to find it no matter how hard you look. In fact, the only people who will find it are those who have subscribed to my newsletter (http://kristykjames.net/newsletter/), and who send me an email or Facebook message letting me know they’d like to join. That way I can send an email invitation.

Why a secret group? I thought it would be a fun place to just chat and get to know one another. Yes, I’m still a teenager at heart. I’ve always liked the secret clubhouse kind of thing. They always seemed so mysterious and exclusive.

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