When Jack Doesn’t Sleep…

…neither do I. Or at least not much.

Part of the problem would be the dogs down the road. Sometimes I think I hate those mutts, but I realize that when their humans leave them outside in a small fenced in area all the time, they’re bound to bark constantly often. The only problem is, Jack takes issue with that…and barks right back at them.

It’s not so bad when I’m awake, but when I’m trying to sleep, it’s not a whole lot of fun.

But that hasn’t been the biggest problem the last two days. For some weird doggie reason, Jack has decided he doesn’t want to sleep on my daughter’s bed – or the sofa. Because it’s a mistake to leave him unsupervised, we either block him in the living room or put a baby gate up in the doorway. Last night – or what is night to me anyway – he managed to escape from both rooms…several times. I still can’t figure out how he knocked the gate down.

Hmm. I guess now I have some ideas of how he might have gotten out.

So between that and the too frequent bark offs, I’m tired today. In fact, I’m so tired, my head has been throbbing for hours. I finally took something for it about thirty minutes ago, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. Hopefully soon though. I am in serious need of sleep.

I was afraid I wouldn’t get any editing done at one point, then decided I’d try to do ten pages – half of my daily goal for Cal’s book. You could have pushed me over with a feather when I glanced up and saw I’d actually done twenty-two and a half pages. Okay, so the major reason you could have pushed me over with the feather is because I’m exhausted, but I was still surprised.

Anyway, I thought I’d spend the time waiting for the marching band to leave my head writing a blog post. I don’t think I’ve done a rambling one that doesn’t really say much of anything for a while, so I’m overdue.

Good thing I didn’t try to go to bed though. Around the third paragraph Jack got back up and is standing in the doorway looking at me. Or trying to remember how he escaped yesterday. It’s a toss up at this point.

Be interesting to see how much sleep I get this time…

In closing…does anyone have any ideas as to why my dog, who usually sleeps when I do, has suddenly stopped sleeping when I do?

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