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From November through March, and sometimes even April, I get to listen to winter-haters complain about how cold it is. But let me start my yearly countdown to October 1st – which, as you can see by the subject line is 118 days from now – and no one wants to hear it.

It’s not like October first isn’t getting closer every day, whether I count those days down or not. It’s coming. In less than four months. Four months that seem far too short to winter-haters, but what feels like forever to me.

Believe me when I say that I don’t enjoy wishing huge chunks of time away. Life is too short to wish away a single day, but seriously, I feel like someone hits a slow motion button the first time it hits 75, I feel like all of the energy starts leaking out of my toes, and once it hits 80, it’s gone for the season. Thank God for air conditioners or I’d never get anything done.

But there are so many outdoor activities, like family reunions and picnics – held in – in – in a park. An outdoor park. As in a “there’s a lot of grass, trees, bugs, and other yucky summery stuff” kind of a park. A park with absolutely zero air conditioning. And I don’t buy the whole, “but there’s a nice breeze” argument. When it’s ninety degrees, a there’s no such thing as a nice breeze. It’s a hot breeze, kind of like the blast of air in your face when you open a 350 degree oven.

So yeah, I take a lot of flak for the countdown, but I don’t care. I’m tough. I can take it. And I’m not alone. I was chatting with a woman at the grocery store this afternoon … and she’s a summer-hater too. There aren’t many of us, but we’re getting braver. We’ve stopped hiding the fact that we think autumn rocks – and winter, while we don’t enjoy being cold, is so much better than sweltering summer days and nights.

Now, I will say I like summer music videos … but that’s it.

Let’s not even get into storms that include things like tornado watches, floods, tornado warnings, droughts, tornadoes, etc… In the winter, all you get is snow and the occasional ice storm. I’ve never seen snow and ice destroy cities and towns. Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to get into that, didn’t I?

Anyway, bring on the sweater and fuzzy socks weather!

What about you? What season(s) do you enjoy the most?

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