Guest Blogger, Darby O’Hara (of Code Red Christmas fame)

Hi, ladies (and gentlemen, if you’re visiting too). It’s Darby O’Hara. Kristy keeps saying with deadlines and Christmas, she’s too busy to do anything with the blog this month. Well, I’m not so sure I believe her because she was overheard to say that she and her daughter had taken Aria to see Santa (four times!), taken her sledding, gone shopping, and visiting relatives. She’s also been doing some reading and has, according to Holly, been hammering out her 2018 goals.

Of course we all know that with Kristy, goals are more of a wish list so we won’t be holding our breath. She’s just pulled in too many directions and doesn’t know how to say no. But Holly says if she can do even half of what she wants to do, you all will have plenty of stories to read next year.

For now though, I’ve been nominated to take a turn at her blog. We’ll see how bad I manage to mess it up because seriously, I’m so not a writer. But when the kids hit the terrible twos, Emma said I should start blogging about what it was like to raise triplets. I said sure, I’ll get right on it. Then we all laughed and I never gave it another thought. But I guess that qualifies me enough to try.

My mission was to write a movie review. Given that my reviews tend to be limited to, “It was really good. I loved it,” or “It was horrible, don’t waste your money,” I kind of panicked. So I decided if I’m stuck writing it, I’m having some help.

This is from our girls’ night out this month. The guys had all the kids and I pulled The Spirit of Christmas up on Netflix. Cal left a couple of roaster pans full of hot buttered popcorn, an oblong cake pan full of chocolate fudge with walnuts, and a big bowl of punch so we were set for snacks. I gave all the girls a small notebook and pen, along with orders to make some notes on what they liked about the movie.

Here are those notes, in order of popularity.

  1. All of us agree that Thomas Beaudoin is hot! He’s also a really good actor and played a believable ghost.
  2. Some of us – mainly Jenna and Holly – think Robert Walsh is pretty hot too. And a good actor.
  3. We all think Jen Lilley did a fine job of playing the heroine though about half of us (Hannah, Harry, Emma, and Clancy) think they could have played the part more believably … and you’re not supposed to mention that fact to Jon, Chris, Ty, or Mitch please.
  4. We all thought the inn was beautiful but given a recent winter storm warning – that actually panned out – some weren’t as thrilled over the beautiful snowy scenery as the rest of us.
  5. On the romantic scale of 1 – 10, here are our votes:

Jess voted a 9 because she thought they should have kissed earlier. Holly, Emma, and Clancy say 9 because they would have liked a better explanation of the end. They do concede that it was a good ending anyway but they’d have liked more details. Hannah, Jenna, Harry, and I gave it a solid 10. We think it was perfect the way it was.

  1. Did I mention we all thought Thomas Beaudoin was really hot?
  2. Would we recommend it to you? Absolutely. We’re 100% agreed on that. Definitely, if you get the chance (even though Christmas is over for the year), it’s worth your time to watch.

Now, we’ve only got about an hour before we have to go pick up our husbands and kids. We’ve got to clean up our mess so Chris doesn’t come home to it.

Whew. I’m glad this is over. If Kristy keeps forcing us to do letting us do the blog, it shouldn’t be my turn until well in to next year.

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