Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns

I wish I could tell you how I manage to find – or even think of – some the unusual subjects I share with you here. Seriously. One minute, I’ll feel normal. I’ll be having some normal, every day kinds of thoughts. Then suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever, an off the wall thought will pop into my head, sending me to Google in search of answers. And those answers generally come by way of the ‘scenic’ route – meaning there are plenty of detours along the way.

For instance, something as simple as thinking about wedding days for my characters started off in a fairly normal way…

We know that when young girls decide it will be warm and sunny for their someday garden ceremony in June, or not too cold and snowy for a winter shindig, the weather will cooperate because it’s their special day and it wouldn’t dare rain or storm.

They know what will be on the menu for the reception, from the entree to the hors d’ oeuvres, to the flavor of each layer of the cake. Flowers are chosen for the church, for the bridesmaids, and for that oh-so-special bouquet they’ll be carrying down the aisle.

But nothing is more important than the dress. The beautiful creation made of silks and laces and ribbons and pearls. The dress they’ll be wearing as they marry their perfect Prince Charming. Yeah.

As the star of the show, the dress needs to be as beautiful as she is.

I came up with what I thought was an unusual but gorgeous dress for Annie Blake in A Fine Mess, but even my imagine can’t hold a candle to reality.

In my search, it quickly became clear that some brides not only shy away from the traditional, some choose to wear dresses made from … ummm .. duct tape – or trash bags. (*just click on the blue links for examples)

But the most unique, I think, are the ones made from … toilet paper!

Yes, folks, toilet paper wedding dresses are indeed a thing. In fact, they’re a really big thing according to this article in the Washington Post. As the reporter explains, there’s some big money to be made from designing dresses made from bathroom tissue. Charmin and Ripley’s Believe it or Not sponsor an annual contest where prizes of $10,000.00, $5,000.00, and $2,500.00 are up for grabs.

And one lucky couple won one of the dresses – for their wedding in a Times square public restroom. I’d love to see photos of the decor!

I’m the first to admit that the dresses are absolutely gorgeous but oh my word! Rain comes to mind. A spilled beverage on the floor comes to mind. A curious toddler who wants to see it up close. So many disastrous scenarios…

Yeah. I’m thinking there aren’t many young girls who dream of a Charmin wedding. But in case you’re interested, here’s a video of one $10,000.00 winner…


Let me know what you think of some of these ‘unique’ wedding dresses in the comments below. Would you wear one – or not?

Photo credit: Pixabay



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