New Writing Prompt & NaNoWriMo Update

I had to chuckle when I chose the photo I’d use for today’s post. “My Plan.”

I make a lot of plans. From day-to-day and from year-to-year. Sometimes, those plans go off smooth as butter. Other time, I can almost picture Life ROTF (rolling on the floor laughing) at me. This NaNoWriMo has gone similarly to most years past, but I’m determined to finish at least one book. And maybe get a good start on another.

For now, I’m happy to be through half of the editing process – even though I’ve realized I may have to add a few thousand more words to the story. That’s okay too. It’ll still be within the word count I chose at the beginning. Of course, I could be wrong. It might be a tad longer. Time will tell.

Now for the writing prompt…

I guess I expected the book I bought to be a little different than it is. Kind of more fiction related than ‘real life.’ So, I may change that one of these days. 

Lately, after I read Aria’s bedtime story and lights are out, she begs for another one. And so… I’ve been making up short stories on the spot. Usually, they are about Princess Aria, Princess Mama, and Queen Grandma. Last night, because the windchills have been too cold to enjoy our snow, Princess Aria dumped a bunch of flour on the kitchen floor and she, Princess Mama, and Queen Grandma had fun playing in the pretend snow.

When we reached ‘the end,’ Queen Grandma issued a warning that Princess Aria was NOT allowed to REALLY dump flour on the floor in the kitchen – except in the story. 🙂

I’m thinking something like that – with no planning or plotting – could be a fun blog thing. But only after NaNoWriMo is over. Does it sound like something you would enjoy reading? Let me know in the comments below.

For now though, I’ll go with the book’s suggestions. This week, it says to list three realistic goals I’d like to achieve in my lifetime.

  1. Through nutrition and exercise, find the energy I had as a teenager. I’ve got too much I want to do and enjoy to let hypothyroidism keep me from it anymore.
  2. Write at least 100 books (not counting the ones I’ve already done), some under a pen name or two because romance isn’t my only favorite genre.
  3.  Earn enough from my writing that I can have a small indoor exercise pool AND a greenhouse. I love the idea of working out in warm water and growing all (or at least most) of the produce for my household – year round.

I’ve used this song on my blog before, most likely when thinking about goals. I just think it’s a great reminder that life is short and getting shorter all the time.

What about you? In addition to opinions on the spur of the moment stories, what are some of your goals in life?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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