Everyone has them. Some are very visible. Some can only be found with things like x-rays or CT scans. Some though,  remain hidden no matter how hard you might look for them. Even a full body MRI scan wouldn’t be able to find them.

After this year, I have some very visible scars. Well, visible if I were to actually show them to people, but I don’t. Not because I’m ashamed of them – because I’m not. But for those scars, I wouldn’t be here today, so I’m totally okay with them. And maybe, on the one year anniversary of the last surgery, I’ll post a photo of my stomach. Maybe not. I’ll have to see. 

I’m sure most of you have physical scars too. And we all have the invisible ones, to one degree or another. Some aren’t so bad. Others might have made us wish for a physical injury because it would have been less painful.

I think those scars are the worst of all because they tend to change our lives forever. And not in a good way either. Chris Parker (A Harry Situation), and Jon Rambo (Her Best Friend Jon) were both heroes with scars, as are the heroes in the two books I’m working on. (Those two links, as well as the one below, are affiliate links. Learn more about them by clicking here.)

In the fourth book in the Royal Sweethearts series, Quinn MacMahon suffers a devastating injury that could change his life forever. Those scars are a mixture of both physical and emotional. In the other book, Wesley Cooper’s are of the emotional variety. In both cases, these men are – let’s say lacking in ‘perfect’ hero qualities when their stories begin. Especially Wesley. But to say more would be giving away too much.

I will say that as I finish the final few scenes in one story, and begin the final edits in the other, I’m very pleased with the way both men turned out. From wondering if each was right for ‘the job,’ to making me swoon by the end, I couldn’t be happier with them.

I’ll start giving some snippets of scenes out when I can see the end in sight. Or at least see it more clearly than I do at the moment. But it’s not too far away now. And I hope, when you finally have a chance to meet these particular heroes, that you grow to love them as much as I do. 

As I was searching for a song to represent my guys, I couldn’t find one a perfect one. But a favorite by Matchbox Twenty comes close enough (and it’s Rob Thomas, people. Rob Thomas.). It also hit me that, surprisingly, Wesley is a Nicholas Sparks fan. A little unusual, I think. Then I realized that the reason he likes that author is because the stories remind him that there are no happily-ever-afters in life. Not in his anyway. Quinn is a bit like that too.

Amazing what my characters reveal to me over time. Things they knew all along. It just takes me a while to figure it out sometimes. 🙂


Photo credit: Pixabay

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3 Responses to Scars

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  2. daleamidei says:

    Scars always mean you lived. I’ll take them. #UGoGrl

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thanks, Dale. 🙂

      And me too! I’ve never come as close to dying as I did in February – and these scars are vivid proof not only that I lived, but that miracles still happen today. 🙂

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