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Hey, everyone. Editing isn’t going quite as quick as I’d like, but I’m still in hopes of having something new out before the end of the year. That doesn’t include the two bundles I told you about in my last post. I do have universal links for them, so I’m doing a bit of a repeat for them in this post.

I’m also training my daughter to be a PA (personal assistant for writers). She seems to think it would be a cool job – and all I can say is – have at it, sweetheart! Because the jobs she’ll be able to do when she’s ready are jobs I despise doing. The jobs that make me want to buy stock in an ibuprofen company.

Am I being mean? No. Being mean would be her trying to teach me how to knit. I am not coordinated enough to be handling knitting needles, but she loves it. And I figure any of the ‘knit’ picky (I know, it’s nitpicky, but it was just too tempting to not use the other form of the word) stuff about writing I hate is a zillion times easier than knitting. If she can teach herself how to do that from YouTube videos, learning to be a PA should be almost as easy as dunking a cookie in a glass of milk for her.

Anyway, back to those links…

Bundled Up for Christmas:
Haunted Depot:

The other stuff? We finally got a little snow last night. Max doesn’t seem overly impressed.  Hopefully, it will keep the little fur ball from trying to dart out the door to explore the ‘neighborhood’ every time we let Blondie out for the last time each day. If you’re new to my website, you’ll see why we don’t like for him to get outside at night. He blends in with the dark quite nicely!

And one last thing… Something from tonight’s playlist, though to warn you, it’s an hour long. I just loved the snowy background, so I chose this video over all the others. 🙂

Photo credit: Pixabay

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