Just for Fun Friday #1

In turning over my new leaf, I’m going to start embracing everything that’s positive. Everything I can anyway, because let’s face it, there will always be things that are far from pleasant. But, if I look for it, there’s always more good than bad in the world. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to forget. Or to fall into the rut of ‘blah-ness.’ Therefore, I’m retiring Kristy 2.0, the one who kind of crushed the spirit of the original me.

And so, I’m going to enjoy life again. I’m going to give my writing 100% again – both to my books and my blog/social media posts. I’m going to direct most of my focus to the many positives the world has to offer. I’m going to laugh more. And, because laughter really is the best medicine, I will be sharing some of the things that make me smile – and hope that they make you smile too.

First up is a post that I’m able to find once in a blue moon. I finally saved the  page and bookmarked it, so hopefully, I’ll never lose it again. It’s a short article about a fellow Michigander’s experience with taking a toddler into a public bathroom with her by clicking here.

Next up is Jeff Allen, one of my favorite comedians. His views on life, relationships, and parenthood are absolutely hilarious. At least in my opinion. This clip is one of my favorites.

And finally, a favorite past time of mine is watching the Blimey Cow videos, especially their meme reviews. Some of the actual memes are enough to make you bust a gut, but my favorite part is just listening to brothers Josh and Jordan laugh. They remind me so much of my dad and one of his brothers when they’d start reminiscing about growing up. The Shrek part of this is, in my opinion, the best, both as far as a meme itself goes, as well as their laughter. I’ve rerun it (that part) several times, and probably will a few more times.

As I was watching this video again, I realized I should mention, for those who didn’t know it, I have books 1-7 of the Coach’s Boys series, Books 1 & 2 in the Casteloria series, and A Fine Mess available in audio books. A quick note on Laying Low in Paradise and A Cool Summer in Paradise – the titles have been changed to A Prince on the Run and The Physician to the King … but for some reason, ACX/Audible refuse to change the covers to match the paperback/digital copies of the books. Anyway, if you’re interested in them, just click here to check them out. That was an affiliate link. Click here to learn more about those.

Until next time, I hope you all find more to smile about too.

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