National No Dirty Dishes Day… and a Problem Solved

I like this holiday. It’s practical, and it makes you feel good at the end of the day. It needs to be followed up with new holidays like: Cobweb Removal Day, Power Wash the Siding Day, and my favorite idea – Win a Big Lottery So I Can Hire a Housekeeper Day.

Right now though, one of my favorite days is going to be Tuesdays. Specifically, ‘Take Some Time Tuesdays.’


There was a time when I really enjoyed writing blog posts. At some point though, they stopped being something I looked forward to doing as much as I used to.  So, a few days ago, I skimmed through the 766 blogs I’ve posted since June 6, 2011 – because I wanted to see if I could figure out why.

And I think I solved the puzzle. For some reason, I muzzled my sense of humor. I strangled my inclination toward fun. And I forgot that I’m a romance writer. I should be writing about romance. I don’t have to hold a degree in ‘romance-ology’ to have opinions on what I find romantic, and it’s time to start focusing on that again. Because when I was focused on romance, I was writing a lot more books. And I seriously want to write a lot more books. Every. Single. Year.

And so… For starters, I’m reviving Rod and Twiggy McStickfigure. If you’ve been around for the past ten years, you might remember them. Vaguely, because it’s been a long time. If not, a quick warning. I’m not an artist. I use Paint, so this is as good as it gets…

And a couple of the ones I’ve used in the past…

Rod and Twiggy will help me share my tips and opinions on things that might improve relationships. Again, I’m don’t have any degrees in relationships, but I do read a lot. I also know what I would appreciate from a significant other. And… I write a lot. That was an affiliate link. Learn more about those here. To get my books at other online bookstores, click here. Hopefully, I’ll figure out why links for some of my books have disappeared, but right now, The Coach’s Boys and Casteloria series’ are both there.

Hopefully, all of my Take Some Time Tuesday posts will be posted on Tuesdays. It may, however, take some time to get back into a routine, so don’t be surprised to find them showing up on a Thursday or Saturday (or any other day of the week) for a while.

Only God knows how many times I’ve shared this video, but since I’ve always believed that ‘love’ is an action, not just lip service, I’m sharing it again. Yeah, it’s nice to hear to hear someone say they love you, but if actions don’t follow, the words are meaningless.

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