Sprained Knees, Recipes, & More of These

Sprained knees?

Yup. In early October, I did a couple of stupid things and … boom! A sprained knee. Long story short on that, I continued to do some not very bright things – like not using crutches (since the knee already hurt, why add to it by making my shoulders hurt too?), walking (limping) too much, too soon. And just generally doing what needed to be done. Because we all know that when doctors tell a woman to take it easy for a week or two, they’re just joking. 😀 


Well, one recipe. Frizzled cabbage. And no one is more surprised than me that I’m sharing it. Except for an occasional serving of cole slaw, I am NOT a big cabbage lover. But this stuff is fabulous! So much so that I bought a five pound bag of shredded cabbage – and it’s in my freezer. 

This is one of those recipes our grandmothers probably loved. A little of this, a little of that, and cook until done…

Melt enough refined coconut oil to barely cover the bottom of your frying pan. Add a heaping pile of cabbage. It can be green, it can be purple, or a combination.

Add a little sea salt and, on the lower side of medium heat, cook until cabbage has shriveled quite a bit. Then, add a tablespoon or two of butter (depends on your taste, and how much cabbage is in the pan) and turn heat a little lower

 Stir often, until cabbage is even more wilted and starts to brown a bit on the edges.

Season with whatever sounds good and enjoy! I use pink sea salt, a little cayenne pepper, and a little garlic. It is SO good!

It looks a little ucky with purple cabbage – but looks can be deceiving! It’s delicious!

More of these?

Progress! Finally! I have finished the prequel and first book in the new series, and the fourth book in the Royal Sweethearts series. And I’m trying like mad to finish the second book in the new series … and write the third during the 2021 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The Royal Sweethearts link is an Affiliate link. Learn more about those by clicking here. If you haven’t read Cam (A Prince on the Run), Nolan (The Physician to the King), and Fin’s (The Princess and the Bodyguard) books, you really should. Because I think fans of the series are really going to like Quinn’s story. 🙂

Finally, I’ll share a couple of songs from today’s playlist. Not that I listen to them while writing. Nope. Only to get in the mood to write.

By the way, a friend let me know last night that I had a setting wrong on Instagram, so my posts weren’t being seen by anyone who wasn’t specifically looking for me or my books. I’ve made the necessary changes – I hope – and am posting there again. If you’re not already following me, click here and check it out. 🙂

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