A Blast From the Past

While looking for something in previous blog posts, I came across one from December 6, 2012. I’m not sure why I forgot about it, because it was totally cool. But after nearly eleven years and 798 (this will be 799!) blog posts, I lose track of everything I’ve done through the years. Technically, it’s not actually a ‘post,’ it’s a link to an interview on Diane Capri’s website. Yup. She interviewed me.

If you haven’t heard of Diane, she is a friend of Lee Child and writes a companion series to his Jack Reacher series – The Hunt for Jack Reacher.

“#1 New York Times bestselling author, Lee Child (author of the Jack Reacher series), says of Diane’s books, “Full of thrills and tension – but smart and human, too.””

So while you’re checking out the interview (click here to read it), you might want to have a look at her books. 🙂

Just to be clear, this is the movie based on the novel by Lee Child. But in case you didn’t know who Jack Reacher is by now, this is the guy they’re both writing about.  🙂

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2 Responses to A Blast From the Past

  1. Karen says:

    You are amazing! 799 blog posts. And here my website is collecting dust as we speak. I applaud you!

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Thanks, Karen! It does sound like a lot, but I slowed way down on them around 2016 or 2017, so it should have been closer to 2,000. But that’s all right. As far as yours goes – it’s still waiting for you – whenever you’re ready to start again. 🙂

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