Good Afternoon, Weko Harbor! 6/18/22 (Cover Reveal Too!)

Welcome back for another Monroe Minute! Joss here, hoping your week was a good one, and that you’re enjoying this beautiful weekend as much as I am. It’s a cool sixty-two here at the lighthouse, but for all you beach lovers – no worries. Monday will usher in a bit more of the heatwave we enjoyed last week.

Sorry, Kristy, but some of us do look forward to the sweltering days you – don’t love. I will give you that eighties and nineties in the middle of June is a definitely not spring your typical spring weather in Michigan . But, it is what it is, and I’m okay with that. You should learn to be too. 

Let’s kick things off here with a reminder that the annual Weko Harbor Classic Car Festival will begin this coming Friday, with a free showing of Grease and American Graffiti at the Hi-Lite Drive in.

Saturday morning, at eight-thirty, St. Mary’s, the First Baptist church, and Weko Assembly will once again be hosting their Beach Street Block Breakfast, east of Chandler Park. Proceeds will help to fund St. Mary’s Food Pantry, so bring your appetite – and your wallets. And don’t forget to be generous.

Breakfast will be followed by the classic car parade, at ten o’clock sharp. Afterward, your favorite cars and trucks will head to the high school parking lot, where you can admire them all afternoon.

Be sure to check out the craft show in Chandler Park, as well as other activities around town – including the sailboat race from Tulley Falls to Weko Harbor at five.

With my minute quickly turning into two, I’ll just remind everyone to check the circulars in the Gazette. Lots of good sales going on this week.

And finally, Kristy says to let you all know she’s down to about fifteen pages of what she hopes are the final edits in book four of her Royal Sweethearts series.

She also told me that while it’s been a hard decision, digital copies of most of her books will be pulled from most online stores within the next two or three weeks, so if you purchase them anywhere but Amazon, you should get your copies now. She does want to assure everyone that all new releases will continue to be available at all stores – for a minimum of two weeks. Her decision will not affect paperback and audible books. They will still be available wherever they’re at now.

Per usual, she’s asked me to provide some inspiration for what she hopes is her final night of editing Quinn’s story. Of course, you know I’m happy to oblige. Enjoy, everyone!

***Note from Kristy…
Newsletter subscribers have already seen it, but now I’m posting it here too!

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