One good reason to change pharmacies

Well I seem to have acquired a nasty little computer virus that has, despite my best efforts, wreaked havoc with my computer.  At this point my system restore and Windows search feature are trashed.  My antivirus refuses to update.  Google is screwed up, and I’m afraid to look too closely at anything else.

So, after determining that viruses can not be transferred by copying and pasting text, I am taking a break from hours of copying all of my text files to CD’s.  And doing the same with all the URL’s I’ve saved for researching my books (and other interests of mine).

I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely, positively despise doing this.  It’s not the first time either.  In October of 2008 my poor computer was on its last legs, so I had to quickly save everything to be moved to a new machine.  It was just as boring then as it is now, only then I had about twenty-three hours of music files that I’d accumulated through the years.  And somewhere along the line, those music files disappeared, much to my disgust.  I think my daughter and I put them on another computer that has since passed on to electronics heaven.

Back to tonight though.  My hope is that if I remove every possible file and link, then uninstall everything that isn’t absolutely necessary, my antivirus and anti-spyware programs will figure out where the little sucker is hiding.

Anyway…  I guess I got a little off track, didn’t I?

During the course of transferring everything to disks, I found something I jotted down a couple of years ago.  Something I’ve thought about from time to time, but usually forget about.

This incident involved my youngest daughter, who wound up with a respiratory infection.  Because I couldn’t get an immediate doctor’s appointment, I’d taken her to Urgent Care.  That doctor gave her a prescription, but suggested that we wait a few days to get it filled.  Why?  To see if it got better on its own.

Of course you know that it did not, so off to the pharmacy I go.

I have always hoped that the girl who took the prescription from me wasn’t a technician. Because, after entering the information into their computer, she started to explain something about a slim chance that my daughter could have an allergic reaction to this medication as already she had an allergy to a similar one.

The more she talked, the more nervous I became, so I started asking some questions, the final one being, “Does that mean she could have a fatal reaction?”

Her cheerful, upbeat response?

“Oh yes, she could!  But if she does, she needs to stop taking it right away.”

Ya think?

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