My Friday adventure

I visited my first Amish Market this afternoon, and I have to say it was a very unique experience.  I didn’t even know they had markets, or that there was one in the area (about 20 minutes from my house).

Unique is always good, in my opinion.  Especially when it tends to be old fashioned, like Mr. Godsey’s from The Walton’s.  A local apple orchard runs a store that ‘feels’ like that might have felt, open from October through the first of the year.

I love that store.  It smells just wonderful.  And not only do they make the best donuts on the planet (donuts I won’t be able to have anymore darn it!), they make delicious cider, and have things like cookbooks, candles, apple pectin, candies, pies, all sorts of decorations and endless items to tempt tourists.  In the fall they have a haunted hayride, a maze cut out of a cornfield and other fun things to do with the family.

While there a few years ago, and acting like a tourist myself, I bought a pad of outhouse stationary.  No it wasn’t classy in any way, but it was funny and I adored it.  Sure hope they stock it again because I’ve been out for too long.

But back to the Amish market.  That place is just too cool!  Well, if you’re not much into baking it might not be but, when you’ve been referred to as Susie Homemaker enough times, as I have, you know I’m in my element when I step inside.

Shelves and shelves of every kind of ingredient you might ever need to turn out scrumptious baked goods and, most importantly, a huge variety of gluten-free flours (which was the reason I was there).  I spent a small fortune on them, and a bunch of cute fruit jars to store them in.  And I’m already wishing I hadn’t bought so much because I can’t wait to go back.


Because I’m thinking that the whole lifestyle, and the atmosphere I felt in the store, might have the makings of a really good story.   Everything about the experience was awesome, not just the market.  My daughter and I got to see Amish men harvesting fields with horse drawn…things(harvesters?), fresh produce stands that I really want to visit, and very impressive gardens.  And there was the cutest, tiniest little girl walking along the dirt road who smiled and waved  both times we passed her.  Such a different world than the one I’m used to.  So yeah, I’m thinking there’s going to be a story there somewhere.

For now, though, I think I’m going to kick back, relax, and read the cookbook I bought while I was there.

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