And the lawn curse continues…

First it was the flood, that lasted so long I was beginning to worry that the government might declare the lawn a protected wetland.  I mean really…who else do you know that has ever had algae growing in their driveway?  Yeah, I thought so.  Just me.

Then, after things started drying up, toward the end of July, I had to hire someone to take down the out of control field that had once been my yard.  Then the rider passed on to lawnmower heaven and I got another.

Shouldn’t have gone with used.  I really shouldn’t have.  But I sent the ‘lawnmower man’ to check it out first, and was assured that not only was it still a nice looking machine, it worked.  He even took it home, checked it all out, sharpened the blades, and who knows what all.

And so it sits in the garage…because it won’t start.  So time for another repair bill, I guess.  I hope that’s about it for the summer, too.

I’d hoped to have everything under control by next weekend because I really want to enlist the kids to help me put up a lattice fence around the area I’d like to start using as a patio.  Maybe a nice brick floor (if that’s what you call an outdoor floor).  Just a nice outdoorsy area to relax and enjoy nature, and the sheep baaing across the street.
I figure by the time we’re finished, the mosquitoes might start migrating toward Cuba and we can actually take advantage of nice, cool fall days and evenings out there.  Maybe have a crowd over for a bonfire…

Okay, so I’m not being entirely honest here.  The main reason I want the fence up is so we can paint it a glossy white…then decorate it with lights and greenery at Christmas.  I can’t help it.  That’s what I wanted to do right after buying the house, then my plans got waylaid for three years.  Now it’s time.

But it’s all got to start with the lawn.

So I want the rider fixed.  Now!  And then I want to play with it.  My daughter used it the first time, and it’s my turn.

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