It’s a Bad Boy Thing

Damon Salvatore.  No…Stefan Salvatore.  No…Damon…  One is a really sexy bad boy, with occasional glimpses of something more. The other is a sweet, sensitive, considerate guy.  Kind of the all American, undead, boy next door. Both are (in my opinion) handsome to the point of making you weak in the knees.  And both are in love with Elena Gilbert.

What would I do if the two brothers were in love with me?  Start demanding that bigamy be legalized immediately!  Yup, I sure would…because I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two of them.  Nor would I want to, so the only choice would be to keep them both.

But they’re vampires…gasp!

I know.  Sometimes you justhave to take the good with the bad. And if they happened to accidentally turn me into a vampire, too, well then life would be just about perfect.  Well, non-life would be.  Besides, it’s make believe.  If I’m going to fantasize about a couple of sexy guys who don’t have heartbeats, I might as well have fun with it and fantasize about joining them in their vampire way of life, and bigamy, too.

The next to the last one is the best.  You just know it has to involve Damon…

Because, really, how would you choose between them?  I mean if I had to, I’d choose Damon.  Or Stefan.  Maybe even Alaric sometimes.  They really did manage to cast some good looking guys in this series, didn’t they?  Seriously though, if I had to choose (of course I’d had to have been born looking like Sandra Bullock-or Elena- instead of me to even be in the running,) it would have to be Damon.

Who knows why, but I always tend to like the guy who seems to be stuck in the role of the good guy when they’re just so much better being bad.  Well, bad in a good guy kind of way.

A couple of my other favorites:  Neil Caffrey (White Collar)…and Duke Crocker (Haven).  Be still my heart!  Gotta stop with this list because the whole bigamy thing is seeming like a better idea all the time!

Duke Crocker…my other favorite bad guy.  Even if he is a little too thin.

Neil Caffrey…ties with Duke for second place.

What about you?  Do you go for the good guy or the bad boy?  Why?

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11 Responses to It’s a Bad Boy Thing

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    I definitely like the bad boy who has a good heart, deep down. I don’t like boring people in general. I’m not boring and I don’t want to be friends with boring people, and I certainly don’t want to date them! Even in fantasy. I mean, they are vampires, so you just have to take the whole killing and drinking blood thing out of it. And Damon is super sexy! Not just in looks, but in personality. I would choose him. But, I’d also want to try out some of the other guys first. Whoever said that this show is full of hotties is right! I love your line about bigamy. I was thinking there are enough rooms in that house for her to be with them both! Heehee 🙂

    • Not enough rooms? You’re right! And right about the other guys in the show. I think I’d like to live in Mystic Falls because there are no average guys there. 🙂

      Glad you’re a convert now, though I was very disappointed in the season 3 finale. Especially since they seemed to be stealing from Twilight in a scene or two.

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  3. Debra Kristi says:

    Mmm… yes. Damon for sure. You know, I tried to watch Haven but I didn’t get past go. Maybe I had too many shows in the queue already. But he was the reason I wanted to watch it. Now Neil… looking mighty fine! I don’t watch the show, but I sure to like to look every time an ad comes on the TV. Funny, I almost went with the Salvatore brothers for today’s IM. Good thing I didn’t. That would have been interesting. They are in the queue though.

    • Well, I’ve already confessed to watching The Beastmaster to see Marc Singer in a loin cloth so you just have to know I’d watch Haven to see Eric Balfour, lol. It was just icing on the cake when the episode with that scene rolled around.

      As for White Collar…I can’t say enough good about that show. It is just amazingly well written. The only other show I’ve seen that good was Terriers (a one season wonder thanks to brainless studio execs).

      Do the Salvatore brothers next Monday, please. I love those guys. Mostly Damon though. 🙂

  4. It’s just my opinion, but they’re well worth your time. I watch very little television, but those are the highest on the list of the handful I do enjoy. I’ve been with White Collar and Haven since the beginning, but only just started watching The Vampire Diaries last season, so I’m playing catch up. Same thing with Fringe, which is kind of weird, but still good. And Joshua Jackson…mmmmm.

    Anyone would think I was a boy-crazy teenager again. 🙂

  5. Makes me want to watch the shows now! I’ll have to start at the beginning 🙂

  6. Lynn Kelley says:

    Wow, love those clips! Haha, if you’re going to daydream, might as well make it what you want it to be, so true! Hmm, Neil looks mighty fine!

  7. Good choice, Myndi! Except Damon is mine. We’re going to have to find a different bad boy for you. 🙂

  8. Bad boy. Every time. Give me Damon. Even with the goofy eye-gestures, I’ll take Damon. Thanks. 🙂

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