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With the release date for For Baby’s Sake scheduled for November 30th, I’ve been working with the graphic artist who will be designing the cover (nothing like leaving it until the last minute, hmm?).  Wanting to cross all of my … Continue reading

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To Travel, or not to Travel, That is the Question…

When we think of romantic places for honeymoons what destinations come immediately to mind?  Hawaii, Tahiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Acapulco…  Warm, sunny places with oceans, beaches and palm trees.  No matter which state we live in, we always want to … Continue reading

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To Brave the Black Friday Crowds…or Hide

Now that it’s over, I hope everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving filled with lots of good food, scores of family and friends, and an ample supply of disposable dishes, silverware and aluminum pans…so that you weren’t stuck at the sink for … Continue reading

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Tis the Season to be Coughing, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

As I sit here suffering the ill effects of yet another holiday cold, I’m wondering about all of the people who wonder about me.  Yes, I have family and friends who think I’m just a little weird when I get … Continue reading

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Take That Mail and…Stuff it!

I am getting really tired of companies that feel free to waste my time. Phone calls, particularly recorded calls, are the most annoying. But even junk mail is getting on my nerves more and more these days. And I think … Continue reading

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A Secret Crush (well…it was until now!)

This post was actually scheduled for this past Friday but, after Thursday’s sad subject, I thought I needed something a little more lighthearted.  So I’m putting it up today.  It still kind of fits the romance theme… I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Poisoned Cats and Liquid Charcoal

With the holidays fast approaching, I’ve been lamenting the fact that I haven’t been able to have a Poinsettia plant in my house for almost a decade.  With a few cats in the house, it’s just not worth the potential … Continue reading

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Not All Anniversaries Are Meant To Be Celebrated

I wrote this a few nights ago in preparation for Monday, December twelfth.  I wasn’t sure I could handle getting the words out that day, and so I decided to tackle it early.  Turns out I’m sharing it even earlier, … Continue reading

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The Worst Birthday EVER

My mom was having a big birthday party for me!  Including a genuine, honest-to-goodness bakery cake!  In our family that was quite a treat because all birthday cakes began with Betty Crocker, and ended with some yucky decorating frosting that … Continue reading

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The Roads We Travel in the Name of Love

I waste more time on YouTube than I’ll ever own up to, as is the case tonight, watching some of my favorite videos.  Dirt Road, by long-time favorite Sawyer Brown, made this particular playlist.  The message in the song is … Continue reading

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