What in the World?! Wednesday (Week 3)-a Day Late

Okay.  Who stole the weekend?  It just hit me that today is Thursday…and not Tuesday.  And that means I forgot to share the answer from last week’s game.  Yup.  I lost some days this week.  Nope.  Not a drop of alcohol was involved.  It’s more to do with excessive heat and humidity.  When it comes to weather, my poor brain is unable to comprehend numbers higher than 79.  So when the first digit in the temperature starts with a 9, the zombie in me takes over.

What was that thing?  Does this picture make it more obvious?

It is…a firework (it just doesn’t look or sound right without the ‘s’).  Yup.  After downloading (uploading?) the contents of my camera from a spectacular display I saw on June 9th, I looked at this and laughed.  What in the world definitely fits this one!

There was actually only one person who guessed the correct answer, and that was a 12 year old cousin.  And now that I’ve had to add an extra post this week, I’ll share some of the prettier pictures.

Even with my camera set on ‘fireworks’ mode, they don’t come out exactly as we see them, but I still love the pictures.

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