I’m In The Doghouse

It’s true. My taste buds have pretty much disowned me today. They’ve disliked me intensely for much of the past fourteen months anyway, but that’s mostly because I’ve tortured them with icky gluten-free foods.

We’d just gotten to the place where, after finding a totally delicious macaroni and cheese deluxe mix, they were almost ready to forgive me for some of the mistakes I’ve made since giving up gluten on May 4, 2013 (yes, my taste buds not only hold a grudge, they remember dates too).

So what happened today to make them turn on me like a snake?

Well, they had been nagging me to make another trip to Okemos to get more bread and pizza from WOW (Without Wheat). The pizza is, without question, the very best we’ve had since going gluten-free, and now we can have toast and peanut butter that tastes like real toast and peanut butter. So I listened to their near constant harping and made the trip.

While there, they pointed out the fact that there were brownies in the case, and so – with a long-suffering sigh – I bought one.

When we got home, they kicked up a fuss because I ate some pizza first, ignoring their pleas that it’s okay to eat dessert for supper sometimes.

Finally, though, we got to the brownie, and I swear my taste buds danced a jig. This was, without a doubt, the best brownie they’ve ever eaten – ‘real’ or not. In fact, they informed me that they were in love and started belting out songs to the object of their affection – the brownie.

(My taste buds have excellent taste in music)

The singing came to an abrupt end, however, when they demanded another brownie – and there were no more to be had. Because I only bought one.

Thus began the demands that I rush back to Okemos and redeem myself by buying more. Well, it’s Friday night, Okemos traffic is a challenge under the best of circumstances … and I’m just not going.


After spending the last hour listening to their insults and threats, they’ve finally quieted down. They’re very quiet, in fact. Too quiet. I’m afraid they may be plotting an unpleasant surprise for me…

Maybe I’ll have to make another trip to Okemos tomorrow.

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