Fin’s Book – And Another Bit of News

Lil Big Mouth 1-21-16Okay. So technically it’s been here for about nineteen days but life has been a little crazier than usual in my house. First there were the final edits to see to. Then the alternator went out on my van – a week after my mechanic had surgery on his hand (so now I’m driving the antique Lumina until he’s given the okay to get back to work sometime in February). Then the heating element went out on the dryer. And finally (yay!), I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my daughter and the baby. The baby who, you will note from the photo above, has learned the joys of yelling – because she thinks it’s fun. And if I yell along with her, it can get really noisy in my house for a while because she thinks it’s a hoot.

Was that a long paragraph or what?


Fans of the Casteloria series – it’s here! Fin is finally getting his story. I want to say that this will be the final installment in this storyline but I’m thinking there might be a novella added to it sometime in the future. Not the near future, but maybe in 2017. No promises but a new character kind of intrigues me. I’ll have to figure out if it’s enough that he deserves his own story.

A Cold Day In Paradise - Final CoverClick cover to get to the sales page.

Speaking of next year … am I the only one still having trouble remembering to write (or type) 2016 for this year?

Okay. Back to Fin. He’s only going to be available on Amazon, but those with other readers can get free Kindle reading apps for all sorts of devices – from Apple products to tablets to cell phones.

Personally? I have a Kindle, which I used to take with me when I had appointments where I knew I’d have to wait, or when I was going to be out of town for a day or few. Now, I take my RCA tablet with the reading app. At home, I prefer using the app on my computer. And so my poor Kindle tends to collect dust.

Now for the other bit of news…

For those who enjoy time-travel romance, Holding On To Yesterday and The Accidental Wish are now available in a boxed set. Not only that but I’ve thrown in a couple of bonuses – Brody’s Banshee (novelette) and The Displaced Banshee (short story) … all for $3.49. That’s a fraction of a penny shy of being 50% off the price if purchased separately.

Wishes in Time bundle - final cover

Time for me to spend some quality time with my pillow. The baby and I have developed a new routine. She knows when grandma gets up, it’s lunch time. And as long as they’re here, I’m not going to miss out on having Gerber second stage foods coughed, flung, and sneezed on me. 😀

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2 Responses to Fin’s Book – And Another Bit of News

  1. Your daughter is so lucky to have a mom who helps out so much with her baby. Not all grandparents can be bothered.

    That’s a great cover you have! The boxed set is a great deal. 😀

    Sorry to hear about the van. 🙁 I just had a run with some car repairs. Those suck.

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Oh man, I am way behind. Looks like my daughter and the baby will be here at least through the summer and grandma the author is also going to be grandma the babysitter, lol. Trying to find a new normal – with enough time for me to do my job too. 😀

      Thanks about the cover and yes – car repairs suck. While I loved my Lumina, it’s pretty old now and I really miss driving my Montana. I love my Montana. The Lumina makes me feel like I’m sitting on the ground, lol. Be nice if the mechanic had checked to see if scheduling his surgery when he did was convenient for me. I’m just kidding. But February feels like it’s passing snail slow as I wait for him to recover. Did I mention I miss driving my van? 😀 😀 😀

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