A Cheap Date

Date nights can be a challenge in this economy.  The cost of living means a good restaurant meal can cost an arm and a leg. And something as simple as going to see a movie? Yikes! If you buy a couple of sodas and popcorn, it can set you back $40.00 or more.  Ouch.

On top of all of that, finding time in our hectic schedules can be a challenge. And, if you have young children, babysitters to find—and pay. Double yikes there! But it’s especially worth it if you have kids because it’s easy to fall into a routine where you only see yourselves as parents.

But all couples need alone time.  Time to focus on each other, to shut out the rest of the world, the jobs, bills, responsibilities, and distractions like computers and cell phones. 

Of course, there’s that whole budget thing, isn’t there. Paychecks take quite a hit from rent or house payments, health/life insurance, utilities, and the grocery bill. Then you’ve got to fill the car(s) up and at $2.50 or more a gallon, holy moly!

Don’t be a statistic

You probably thought I was going to bring up divorce, didn’t you?  No.  I’m talking about the many couples who take one another for granted.  Sure they still love one another, but they’re not in love.  They’ve been together long enough that they don’t really see each other anymore.

If you don’t want that to happen to your relationship, take some steps to stop it from happening. Or to fix it you’re already there.

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A walk in the rain can be very romantic – not to mention a whole lot of fun!  As long as it’s just not storming.  Best of all, it’s free.

Picnics are another option. Pack a basket (or duffel bag) with a couple of pretty plates, two wine glasses, napkins and real silverware.  Arrange for a family member or friend to babysit if you have kids.  Then steal your Romeo or Juliet away for a romantic picnic for two.  In a park, on a beach, or even your own backyard. The location doesn’t matter … as long as it’s fairly private.

Your menu can even be budget-friendly.  Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise the love of your life with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrot sticks, grapes, and some inexpensive sandwich cookies served on your best china?  You could fill a thermos with tea or lemonade, and there you go.  A budget date that costs less than $10.00.

No, it’s not a 5-star restaurant … it’s better.  Because you took the time to plan it, prepare the meal and, most importantly, share it with the one you love.  That’s what they will remember.  That’s what makes it romantic.


If you think that any of the suggested tips are a good fit for you, and you decide to give them a try, I’d love to know if you got the results you hoped for.  Although I can’t guarantee you’ll get any results, most people respond well to sweetness, consideration and attention.  Just remember, you will need to exercise some patience, and be consistent.  Anything worth having usually requires effort.

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