Revisiting ‘Choose Your Hard’

I first heard the phrase, ‘choose your hard,’ last fall. Technically, I probably read it. Regardless, it’s something that has often come to mind since then. Why? Because it resonated with me then – and it still does today.

What brought it to mind this week though is something else that hit home. Since becoming interested in Trim Healthy Mama (THM), I’ve become quite the fan of YouTube vlogger Lindsey Murphy. A few days ago, she posted a new video titled No One Is Doing This for You

It really hit me that if I want to get healthy and feel good again, I can’t depend on anyone else to do it for me. The night I saw it I realized some things. First, short of a miracle, my hypothyroidism is never going away. Second, that means unless I do the things I know will make me feel better, I’m always going to be exhausted. Beyond exhausted. And third, if I don’t do those things, I may never shake writer’s burnout that’s plagued me for the past couple of years.

I tried to choose my hard in September, but the constant fatigue wore my resolve down until I pretty much gave up. Watching Lindsey’s video renewed that resolve.

So I decided to make some changes. The changes that resulted in the need for the motivational music I blogged about a few days ago. Unfortunately, I still hate making meatballs so those haven’t gotten done yet. But I did do the bread and spaghetti squash. 

I did something wrong. The bread, while it looked okay – and the end pieces were really quite good – the middle was pretty disgusting.

The squash, seasoned with oil, garlic, and salt, turned out better than I expected. I couldn’t tell the difference in the spaghetti I made the next day. As long as each bite had plenty of sauce anyway. Tomorrow, I’ll use more of it for chicken Alfredo. And then I’ll freeze the rest because there’s only so much spaghetti squash I’m willing to eat in the space of a few days.

The bread made pretty awful garlic toast too!

Just making myself do those two things has given me the motivation to eat right again. Like every other time, it’s easy – as long as I make the effort to prep some foods. This time, I’m determined to keep doing it. And to stay on plan … long term.

Why? Because I miss writing. So improving my health has been moved to the top of my goals list for the year. If I don’t make it a priority, I’ll never be able to accomplish everything I want to get done over the next eleven months. And beyond. I can’t make the hypothyroidism go away – but I sure can use all the tools available to me to fight the effects of it.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have something new published in the next few weeks.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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2 Responses to Revisiting ‘Choose Your Hard’

  1. I’m wondering if part of why it’s hard to write involves fear. Now that I’m past 2018, I can see how fear was factoring into how difficult it was for me to embrace writing for passion. I do think the other stuff you’re going through definitely pays a big role in that. How our bodies feel has a huge impact.

    People say, “Snap out of it,” but it’s not as easy as they think it is. I have fallen out of exercise, and I feel it! So I’ll be getting back to it. I just wish we had more hours in the day! LOL

    • Kristy K. James says:

      Dang. Two comments from you and not a single notification. I wonder why WordPress stopped using them. 🙁

      I think my problem is mostly boils down to exhaustion. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what’s making me feel burned out. So now that this miserable virus is finally gone, I’m going to start hitting it hard with supplements, coconut oil, and working harder at eating to feel better instead of just having what’s easiest.

      LOL. Oh I wish I had more hours too. I’ll send you a message regarding something about time I realized two days ago. All I could think is … how much time have I wasted?!

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