Sweetheart Saturday – My Best Sweetheart

I’ve been working on a novelette for the Tulley Falls series – which will be free for newsletter subscribers (working on starting that again too!) and listening to a lot more music, which helps get me in the frame of mind to write. I’ve also been trying to ‘expand my horizons’ regarding the kinds of music I listen to.

It’s no secret that I have some longstanding favorites – REO Speedwagon, Boston, Chicago, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Elton John, a few other groups, and hit and miss songs from the 80s/90s pop, country, oldies, and even some real old oldies.

When it comes to current stuff though…except for Ed Sheeran…I turn to my daughter for advice. Because not all of my characters can love REO Speedwagon as much as I do, right? 🙂

One song, though, drew me in the first time I heard it on the radio. Aria too (more on her in a minute – or few)…

I love it! But even more, I love listening to Aria sing along with it. She is my best sweetheart, by the way. <3 

If I let her see that I’m recording something, she’s more interested in making faces than singing so I have to hide it. One thing I noticed while recording this is that if she were to decide to sing opera one day, I’d have to put all of the glassware my mother collected into storage. 🙂

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