Will Patton … and a Would You Rather

A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine enjoying audible books. It took a while for me to get used to the digital versions, which I almost always prefer now. I say ‘almost’ because I still miss turning pages. I also miss being able to underline and make notes in the margins of work-related books, yes, I know I could do at least some of that in Kindle books – but I can’t leaf through the pages to find the notes as easily as I could in a paperback novel. But I quickly realized Kindles are handier, offer more choices (if you have a well-stocked library), and are lighter.

Now though, I’ve come to love audible books. Of course, it depends on the narrator. Daniela Acitelli, narrator for the Coach’s Boys series, my very favorite is Alas, Babylon – a book I’ve read countless times since receiving an old copy when I was a teenager. Thank God for print-on-demand because I’ve worn out two copies. By the way, that was an affiliate link – and there will be a few more in this post. Click here to discover what affiliate links are. 

Anyway, I didn’t know what I was missing until I got the audible version – narrated by Will Patton. I loved him in Armageddon, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Remember the Titans. His voice is great, rating right up there with James Earl Jones and Sam Elliot. I could listen to all three of them read just about anything.

While I’ve never read anything by Mr. Burke, there is an excerpt from a book, narrated by – you guessed it – Will Patton. 🙂

But why did I decide audible books were great?

Because of Hotel Transylvania, Chipwrecked, and Shark Tale. Weird, right? But I listened to those cartoons so many times on the video player in the van that it hit me one day, I was actually enjoying the story lines. 

I’m very grateful for that new addiction now. I’m spending so much time with ice packs and the heating pad, listening to stories helps alleviate the boredom. I also love to listen to audible books when I’m cleaning or cooking. So yeah, I’m sold. 

Speaking of, did you know I’ve got ten audible books available? If you like the digital copies, you might just love those. 

Anyway, since typing requires some quality time with the heating pad (pinched nerve, pinched nerve, go away – and don’t ever come back another day!), I’ll get to the other part of this post…. 

Would You Rather… Write and have a best-selling book published – or star in a blockbuster movie?

After two years in drama in junior high school, it was very clear that acting is not one of my abilities. Writing, however, is. So the answer to that question is easy. Of course, I wouldn’t mind writing a blockbuster movie either. 

What about you? Write or act? Let me know in the comments below.

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