Sweetheart Sunday 10/20/19

Keeping it super short today. I’ve actually found something that may be helping – as long as I avoid typing. So first, I’m going to share a song that kind of reminds me of Riley and Margo – the couple in the first book of my new series. Fortunately, I also happen to love the song so it’s found a spot near the top of the book’s playlist.

I also wanted to share a few examples of why I can’t wait for this pinched nerve to go away! Dictating will probably be something I turn to more and more though because it allows me to ‘write’ faster. The problem is, I need to find a program a tad more accurate than Google Docs and Word. 

Still, I hope you’ll all be as amused as I am when I read through each day’s dictation and find things like these. There would be more, but I’ve been trying to do the one finger typing thing to fix the worst of each mess – after getting it all into a writing program.

Sam paragraph and it hurt, shemale, as she sat parked at The Falls. she couldn’t stay alone, she Nails (I can’t even begin to guess what I said that resulted in this mess)

But I do Carrie Ann is Liam’s father. (Presumably, Carrie Ann is a female father – though there is no character named Carrie Ann in the story)

If I get to come home in 2 days, Riley said hurdley unable to contain his Joy. (hurdley??? And who is Joy? I’m thinking Margo might be a little jealous. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

See you next time – with some news that may make some of you happy. And others … not so much.



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