A Bird in the Hand…

…is a much better saying than ‘A Bird in the Van.’ But that’s exactly what happened tonight. When I realized how much ibuprofen I’ve taken in the past month or so, I decided it was time to find a different way to deal with the pain. So, after lots of research, and finding that CBD isolate won’t cause any sort of high, I decided to get some. And lo and behold, it does work. Even my daughter has taken it for a headache and shoulder pain (from doing too much wall washing).

So anyway…

I realized I was all but out a few hours ago so it was time for a trip to town to get more. No way would I be able to sleep without it. Opening the door, I wound up kind of screaming and jumping back into the grass when something darted across the floor – and it was bigger than a mouse. First, I considered just walking to town (not seriously), then told my daughter I was going back into the house to change from my open-toed shoes to sneakers. I also start to say we’re getting traps – but tell her I’m afraid to say what kind. She asks, “Rat?” I say, “Shut up. I didn’t want to even say the word.”

And then Aria shouts, “It’s a bird! It’s a bird! I LOVE it!” (and she kind of wanted to keep it – not!)

Apparently, the little sucker was hiding under the dash and when I opened the door, it scared it so it zoomed between the seats. I was almost weak with relief – until I realized there was white stuff on the seats, steering wheel, and dash.

Long story short, the bird is out. Most of the white has been scrubbed out. And tomorrow, we’re getting a bottle of Lysol because cleaning it with alcohol doesn’t feel like enough. Oh. And we have a new rule. When carrying groceries in, the doors are to be closed between trips!

Quick update … I believe I’m about three scenes from being finished with the rough draft of the first book in the new series. And if you read the latest Sweetheart Sunday post, you can imagine that it’s pretty rough.

Since this song mentions birds right off the bat, and it’s also a love song, it seems like a very appropriate choice for tonight. Besides, I love The Carpenters. 🙂

Photo credit: Pixabay

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