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Why Men Should Read Romance Novels

I know. I know. I’ve heard all the arguments about why romance novels are a waste of time. They set women up to have unrealistic expectations. Expectations the average guy can’t hope to meet. They make us want things mortal … Continue reading

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Broken Links

Hey, everyone… I apologize! I sent a newsletter with links for the Free Starter Library  (The Daddy Pact and A Prince on the Run), as well as letting everyone know that the Coach’s Boys and Royal Sweethearts series’ are no … Continue reading

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I Struck Chocolate Gold!

Oh my word! You know all those ideas people seem to get? The ones that make them hang their heads in shame and decide to keep their mouths shut and not tell a soul what they did?  This wasn’t one … Continue reading

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Everyone has them. Some are very visible. Some can only be found with things like x-rays or CT scans. Some though,  remain hidden no matter how hard you might look for them. Even a full body MRI scan wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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